EEC suggests labeling drugs that cost more than 500 rubles with RFID-chips

| By | Drug Marking, EEC

The idea to label only expensive drugs with special marks was discussed by the Eurasian Economic Commission in January at the working meeting with the business communities of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. Two participants of the meeting told the “Izvestia” newspaper about this. According to them, the issue about the type of labeling was also discussed (so far, producers in Russia are testing the labeling with QR-code).

Reading each chip from a box with drugs is time-consuming. Therefore, now, the option by which labeled drugs will pass through a special scanner-frame so that the information will be read automatically is being considered. This is possible in the case of using radio-frequency identification known as RFID-chips. Each of such chips is worth a minimum of 15-20 rubles so it will give a weighty increase in the price of expensive medicines. Therefore, EEC has proposed to label only those drugs that cost more than 500 rubles with RFID-chips.

According to the opinion of the President of the National Trade Association, Vadim Zuikov, in order not to allow a global increase in the prices of drugs, labeling of drugs that cost more than 500 rubles is a rational decision.

The head of Pharmacy Guild, Elena Nevolina, does not agree with the opinion that only expensive drugs that cost more than 500 rubles deserve to be chipped because she fears a massive counterfeiting of the “cheap drugs” sector.