Counterfeit drugs were revealed in pharmacies of Armenia

| By | Drug Quality Control, Pharmaceutical Industry

Counterfeit medicinal drugs were revealed in Armenia – antibiotic Ceftriaxone-Asteria (1g) and anti-hypertensive drug Prestance (5mg/10mg, N30, batch 0590516, expiry date 11.2018). These pharmaceuticals were found in 13 chemists shops in Erevan, Armavir, Loria, Kotaiskaya, and Shirakskaya regions of Armenia.

Akop Topchan, Director of Centre for Drug Expertise: „Prestance pharmaceuticals have totally fake package. Firstly, the batch has seven digits, the color is different, package layout differs from the original one, and cardboard quality is wrong. The bar code indicating manufacturers location is different from original,“ — said Akop Topchan, and added that UF-examination of the package has proved that they are not factory fabricated.

„We have immediately informed the manufacturer – Servier company, and they requested a batch of the items for further complete identification. Though, preliminary information I have just given was enough to recognize counterfeit product, so the company has already qualified this batch of Prestance (5mg/10mg) to be fake,“ — said Topchan and added that according to information available at the Centre for Expertise, the entire drug range is counterfeit, not just this particular strength. In particular, yellow package of 10mg/5mg strength is also completely different from the original and these samples are still being examined.