Bioluminescent proteins enhance efficiency of new medicines testing


The scientists of Biophysics Institute at Krasnoyarsk Scientific Center (Federal Research Center Scientific Center of the RAS Siberian Branch) have produced bioluminescent proteins to be used for testing medicinal drugs of a new generation. The development is demanded by pharmaceutical and chemical industries that seek for substances applicable in medicines manufacturing.

The project gained support of Krasnoyarsk Regional Science Foundation and Russian Foundation of Basic Research within the competition of projects in oriented fundamental research on interdisciplinary subjects in 2016. The project was launched under cooperation with the German pharmaceutical company Bayer AG which has already introduced the method in the production process.

Lyudmila Burakova – a project participant, a research associate at photobiology laboratory of Biophysics Institute told that the method enhances the efficiency of testing chemical compounds which are drug candidates.

“Application of so-called ‘luminescent’ proteins in pre-clinical studies provides for precise performance and safety assessment of various chemical compounds, including nanomaterials that are used at a rapidly increasing rate,” mentioned Lyudmila Burakova. “As of now, the technology developed by our research team has no analogues in the Russian market.”