Anti-HIV drugs development with the use of supercomputers is underway in Belarus

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By means of computer modelling Belarusian scientists have identified chemical compounds that are potentially prospective for development of new HIV drugs. Alexander Andrianov, Head of the Project, Chief researcher of the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, told BELTA reporter.

At present, over 20 pharmaceuticals are used for HIV treatment. However, the virus mutates rapidly and the drugs lose their effect against it. That is why the scientists face the challenge of creating the new medicines. The research was undertaken in two directions.

“Firstly, chemical compounds were designed based on one of the available HIV inhibitors with the use of supercomputers. Secondly, computer technologies were used to search chemicals databases for the compounds that might be HIV inhibitors. Finally, we selected the compounds that possess required features. This work required full-scale computing experiments. Supercomputers enable researchers to accelerate computational research significantly”, — mentioned Alexander Tuzikov, General Director of the United Institute of Informatics Problems (National Academy of Sciences of Belarus).