Alfa Wassermann starts localization at the production site of Dobrolek Company

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Italian pharmaceutical company Alfa Wassermann announced the start of localization of its original medicines Neoton and Fluxum at Moscow production site of Dobrolek LLC, which is a part of vertically-integrated Holding – Pharmeco. Release of the first batch of drugs is scheduled for the second half of 2017.

In the context of the agreement, the company will localize production of Neoton in Russia – a medicine that diminishes the risk of perioperative ischemia, myocardial infarction and arrhythmia in surgical patients with coronary artery disease, as well as Fluxum – a low molecular weight heparin with a high- safety profile for deep vein thrombosis prevention and treatment.

A production and release quality control Agreement for Neoton and Fluxum was signed in December 2016.

Russian office of Alfa Wassermann is planning to receive the marketing authorizations with inclusion of the new production site in April 2017.