Akrikhin has started a full-cycle production of Simvastatin


AKRIKHIN JSC has successfully launched a full-cycle production of simvastatin (zocor), a medication intended for prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases that was developed by MSD — an international pharmaceutical company. The transfer of full-cycle production of the medicine to AKRIKHIN JSC plant in Staraya Kupavna has lasted for three years under strategic partnership between AKRIKHIN JSC and MSD.

Denis Chetverikov, President of AKRIKHIN JSC, has pointed out: “Localization, which is still underway, and manufacturing of simvastatin at our production site is a direct result of successful cooperation with MSD company. It is due to transfer of cutting edge technologies that we continue to adopt global expertise and to develop following the policy of the Russian Government aimed at localization. I am positive that implementation of this one and other projects will allow us together with MSD company to expand availability of the most urgent pharmaceuticals for the Russian patients in compliance with the highest standards of production quality.”

Marwan Akar, MSD Director General in Russia has emphasized: “Simvastatin is the first medical drug of our company with full-cycle production localized in Russia. This is the result of a long-term and evolving cooperation with AKRIKHIN company that creates frameworks for transfer of production technologies to Russia enhancing manufacture of up-to-date and innovative medications.”