837.7 tons of veterinary APIs were imported into Russia in 2016

veterinary API

According to the results of the year 2016, veterinary active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) in the total amount of 1.57 billion rubles (in prices of release into free circulation) were imported into Russia. Within the year, the volume of supply increased by more than 40% in ruble equivalent. However, this is far from the maximum rate, the previous year the volume of import of such goods showed growth nearly 160%. The natural volume of import of vetetrinary APIs in 2016 was 837.7 tons, that is 52% higher than in 2015.

In addition to the quantitative changes of import, an assortment of supplied veteterinary APIs. has undergone serious changes. In 2016, 72 different products were imported, while the year before — only 61 position. In total, over the past 7 years, the number of imported items of veterinary APIs increased more than 3-fold.

The bulk of imported veterinary APIs is brought from China, according to the results of the year 2016, this area accounts for about 80% of all supplies in monetary equivalent. It is typical that in the past year the volume of import of veterinary APIs from this country increased at a rate significantly outstripping the market average growth rate; a year ago, this area accounted for only 73% of supplies. Bulgaria takes the second place in terms of volume of import of vet. API in Russia with a share of about 13% in 2016, and the Indian manufacturers take only the third place and a modest share of 3.6%.