The Ministry of Health believes that the medicines should not be sold in supermarkets

| By | Ministry of Health Care

The Ministry of Health considered inappropriate the preparation of the draft plan for a law on the sale of the medicines in grocery networks. This follows from the Director of Social Development Department of the Government Sergei Velmyaykin’s letter to the First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov. It was Shuvalov who instructed the Department to develop such a document in February 2016.

In the letter, the Ministry of Health explained its position with the results of the expert community’s voting on a portal of drafts of normative legal acts The development of the draft plan for a law was supported only by 11 people, 2488 were against it.

The community of pharmaceutical professionals argues against the sale of medicines at supermarkets. Pharmacy associations such as the National Pharmaceutical Chamber (NFP) and the Russian Association of Pharmacy Networks (RASS) actively agitated its members not to vote in favor of the initiative, said the executive directors of these organizations to the RBC.

Selling medicines must be handled by the pharmaceutical workers, since the realization of drugs includes advice on the use of the drug and a warning about possible negative consequences, assured the executive director of NFP Elena Nevolina.

“It is impossible to equate medicines to the products. The pharmaceutical market requires special control and the realization of preparations itself is part of health care, and it must be done by a medical professional”, agrees the executive director of the Russian pharmaceutical manufacturer “Polysan” Evgeniy Kardash.

Kardash admits that it is possible that assignment of part of the pharmaceutical product range to supermarkets will temporarily make it cheaper. But gradually the situation will equalize because some pharmacies will be closed and the supply will return to normal.

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