The EEC approved the composition of the Eurasian Union Pharmacopeia Committee

a member of the Board (minister) for EEU Technical Regulation Valery Koreshkov

a member of the Board (minister) for EEU Technical Regulation Valery KoreshkovThe composition of the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) Pharmacopeia Committee was approved at a meeting of the Board of the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC).

The compliance to Pharmacopeia standards – a set of basic requirements for the quality of medicines – is the guarantor of the continued existence of high-quality drugs on the pharmaceutical market of any country. It is impossible to consolidate the pharmaceutical markets of the five EEU countries without harmonization of the national pharmacopeias and pharmacopeia standards and the establishment of a common Union Pharmacopoeia.

“The main task for the experts of the Pharmacopoeia Committee attached to Eurasian Economic Commission is to develop the Union Pharmacopeia as soon as possible,” said a member of the Board (minister) for EEU Technical Regulation Valery Koreshkov. “It will establish a necessary level of quality for manufacturers of medicinal products and will guarantee the consumers that the medicines in circulation within the whole EEU market comply with a single standard.”

Pharmacopeia Committee is comprised of experts in pharmaceutical field, pharmaceutical chemistry and analytical chemistry fields of the EEU countries. At the same time, the expert representation in the Committee is equal for every country in EEU. The aforementioned Pharmacopeia is going to include veterinary experts due to the fact, that it is also going to contain requirements for the veterinary pharmaceuticals as well.

There are already more than 180 common pharmacopeia articles (monographs) in the office of the Pharmacopoeia Committee, that contain requirements for methods of medicines quality control, checking their pharmaceutical properties, authentication and security (including on the degree of purity of pharmaceutical substances used in drug production). The approval of these articles by members of the Pharmacopeia Committee will be the basis for the release of the first volume of the Eurasian Economic Union Pharmacopeia.