Students of the Ryazan Medical University will be able to undertake an internship at the FORT production site

| By | FORT, Ryazan Medical University

On 18-19th of January 2017, the fourth year students of the Faculty of Pharmacy and the leading teachers of the Department of pharmaceutical technology in the framework of a cooperation agreement with the Ryazan State Medical University named after academician I.P. Pavlov visited the research and production complex “FORT”.

The purpose of the tour is to introduce the students to the Russian largest modern biotechnology full-cycle enterprise for development and production of biological medicines, that conform with the GMP standards.

FORTs presentation and the video of the full production cycle have been shown to the students and the tour on the enterprise has been conducted.

As part of the tour, the leading specialists showed manufacturing facilities with the opportunity to see a part of the production process and specialized equipment for the production of influenza vaccine. They spoke about their professional activities, and answered students’ questions.

On summer vacation, students can undertake an internship at the “FORT” production site, that will allow them to determine the direction of their professional work in the future.

Thus, collaboration with the university will provide training to work on modern biotechnological equipment, to carry out joint research programs, and to improve skills of employees as part of professional development.

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