Nacimbio commences the clinical test of the new influenza vaccine “Microsplit”

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The National Immunobiological Company affiliated to the State Corporation Rostec jointly with its daughter company SPE Microgen launch the first stage of the clinical test of the new influenza vaccine “Microsplit”. The new inactivated split vaccine developed in the company “Immunopreparat” in Ufa has already passed the cycle of pre-clinical tests. The first phase of the clinical tests will be completed in the first half of 2017.

The vaccine “Microsplit” ensures the development of the cross-protective immunity from several strains of influenza virus as it contains not only the cell membrane antigens but also the core antigens. “Microsplit” provides effective protection in case the new strains of A-type influenza virus subtypes emerge. The vaccine is free of lipid components of the virus and therefore is well accepted by the patents with the minimum of side reactions.

“The test series of “Microsplit” are produced using the automatic system of generating the highly purified concentrated influenza virus implemented at the enterprise, – said the CEO of Nacimbio Mariam Khubieva. – Our key tasks for the several years to come are the gradual modernization of the production facilities of the Holding, development of the new vaccines and upgrading the existing ones.”

“The clinical tests are the most labor consuming and responsible and confirm the safety, immunogenicity and effectiveness of a vaccine, – added the acting General Director of SPE Microgen Kirill Gaidash. – the clinical test of “Microsplit” will be carried out at the leading clinical bases of the country”.

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