Belarus plans to boost export of medicines to Africa, Southeast Asia

Belarus plans to increase export of medicines

Belarus plans to increase export of medicines to Africa and Southeast Asia, Valery Shevchuk, Belarus Deputy Healthcare Minister – Director of the Pharmaceutical Industry Department, said at a session of the Healthcare Ministry, BelTA has learned. Belarus has made the first shipments to these regions. However, the export is insufficient at the moment, Valery Shevchuk said.

There is the potential to build up the pharmaceutics export. For example, the deliveries to Vietnam have been almost doubled. Through this country, Belarus can branch out to other countries in Southeast Asia.

In 2017 Belarus plans to develop new and newest medicines, to obtain international certificates, and boost export volumes. Valery Shevchuk also said that thanks to the development of the pharmaceutical industry over the past two years the country managed to replace imports for an amount equivalent to more than $600 million.

This work will continue. With regard to the price growth, in 2016 it was contained largely at the expense of profitability, he added.