R-Pharm and FUJIFILM Corporation Sign Agreement on Comprehensive Cooperation in the Field of Healthcare

| By | FUJIFILM, R-Pharm

R-Pharm group and FUJIFILM Corporation signed an agreement on healthcare cooperation on the sidelines of the Russian-Japanese dialogue within the visit of the President of the Russian Federation V.V. Putin to Japan. The document was signed by the Chairman of Board of Directors Alexey Repik on behalf of R-Pharm and Kenji Sukeno on behalf of FUJIFILM Corporation.

R-pharm is intending to develop cooperation with FUJIFILM Corporation in several directions of interest under the partnership agreement. It is planned to collaborate on pharm drug development in Russia and localization of a wide range of FUJIFILM high-tech medical equipment. Cooperation in the field of functional cosmetic products and dietary food supplements is also under consideration. In order to fulfil those plans the Russian and Japanese parties consider establishing a joint venture on the territory of the Russian Federation.

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