JSC Binnopharm announces the acquisition of 100% stake of Alpharm LLC

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JSC Binnopharm, a Russian full-cycle pharmaceutical company owned by AFK Sistema announces signing an agreement for purchase of 100 % of shares of Alpharm LLC and entering the market of OTC drugs.

The purchase of Alpharm will permit Binnopharm to enter the market of OTC drugs for the first time, increase the operating cash flow and obtain additional commercial advantages through the use of its own interferon alfa-2b in the production of Kipferon. Earlier the company was engaged only in tender sales, and in 2015, with the emergence of full-fledged commercial structure and the staff of medical representatives, Binnopharm entered the retailer segment of the pharmaceutical market with several prescription drugs.

Alexey Chupin, CEO of JSC Binnopharm, “The acquisition of Alpharm opens the process of expanding our product portfolio, which will almost double in the coming months. The deal will strengthen the position of Binnopharm in the commercial segment of the pharmaceutical market and the development of new competencies, including those in pediatrics. We are confident that Alpharm acquisition will give additional impetus to the growth of the company Binnopharm in the coming years.”

Stanislav Emelyanov, Commercial Director of JSC Binnopharm, “Kipferon is the fourth best-selling immunomodulatory drug in the form of interferon-based suppository with their market estimated at about 3 billion rubles. According to DSM group, Kipferon share in its segment in value terms is quite significant and reaches 15 %. We plan to promote the product first of all by efforts of our medical representatives, who are working in nearly 40 cities across Russia.”