Joint program on the plasma products manufacturing in the Russian Federation


The leading Russian pharmaceutical holding companies “National Immunobiological Company” (affiliated to the State Corporation Rostec) and PAO “Pharmstandart”, and Kedrion Biopharma, one of the major fractionators and human blood plasma products manufacturer in Europe, have signed a memorandum on mutual understanding with the purpose of implementing a joint program on the human blood plasma products manufacturing in the Russian Federation. The signature ceremony was attended by the CEO of the State Corporation Rostec and the heads of the companies.

In accordance with the RF Government Decree the unfinished factory in the city of Kirov that is meant to specialize in the production of the blood plasma products is turned over control to the State Corporation Rostec. The memorandum is fully in line with the strategic goals of Nacimbio in the area of localizing the fully integrated cycle of producing the medical products for treating socially meaningful diseases and implies setting up a joint venture of the holdings Nacimbio and Pharmstandart and the Italian company Kedrion Biopharma. Within the frames of cooperation the factory will be launched and the fractioning and purification technology will be transferred by the Italian partner. After the launch of this production facility the need of the Russian healthcare in albumin, immunoglobulin and blood coagulation factors 8 and 9 will be fully satisfied.

Sergey Chemezov, CEO of the State Corporation Rostec

“The mission of “Bio” cluster of the State Corporation is reaching the national sovereignty in providing the country population with such medical products the absence of which production on the territory of the Russian Federation causes threat to national security in the area of healthcare. The Kirov production facility will eliminate the currently existing dangerous dependence of our country on the blood plasma products import. The memorandum signed today will make the basis for the successful implementation of the project that is a key priority for the Russian healthcare”

Mariam Khubieva, CEO of Nacimbio 

“In order to fulfill the tasks set to Nacimbio by the “Kirov project” we combine on one site the best global and Russian technologies and developments and create the working places that request the highly competent human resources that undoubtedly will give momentum to the industry development in the area of biotechnologies. In fact Nacimbio has been created for implementing such multilevel projects and we will apply all efforts and engage the country’s best human resources in order to put the production facility in operation within the established deadlines”.

Paolo Marcucci, CEO of Kedrion Biopharma, giving comments to the memo signature has stressed the importance of the project for his company.

“Our company is interested in entering the joint venture with the leaders of the Russian pharmaceutical industry – Nacimbio and Pharmstandart. Currently our products are distributed in more than 100 countries, we have 5 production plants and we are interested in launching the production facilities in Russia”.

Vladimir Chupikov, Operations director of PAO Pharmstandart 

“For Pharmstandart entering the joint venture is another project of our company that centers around the strategy Pharma – 2020 common for the entire market. In the plasma products market the share of import is huge and the common efforts towards providing the independence of imports for Russia must be a priority”.