Medicines of the XXI century

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Report from the cytomedines production site of pharmaceutical company “Immunopreparat”.

Many of us have heard about cytomedines – a special class of medicines, the peptide bioregulators. They carry the specific information necessary for the proper operation, development and interaction of cells in vivo. And they are extracted from cattle organs and tissues. According to some researchers, these unique preparations are the medicines of the XXI century.

We visited the cytomedines production workshop at NPO “Microgen” in Ufa. It was established in 1993 on the basis of the old pharmaceutical plant that was reconstructed in accordance with modern requirements. Today it is one of the largest units of the NPO, its area is 4800 sq.m. It employs many young people. No wonder that the film about “Immunopreparat” was made by St. Petersburg filmmakers in TSPTS.

Dressed in white gowns and shoe covers, along with the head of production Zhanna Afanasyeva we inspect the complex of clean rooms fitted with special equipment. In 2003, a high-tech bottling line of injection solutions in ampoule “BOSCH” was put into operation here. The processes of solutions preparation, bottling, vials handling and equipment are arranged in the clean rooms of areas A, B, C, D with air locks for personnel and materials in the area of 130 sq.m. In 2004, the bottling line of infusion solutions in bottles was mastered. The release of all products involves a full cycle of in-house production from the preparation of solutions in the reactors to the labeling and packaging of medicines and tests for compliance with the manufacturer’s pharmacopoeial monograph. There are also validated facilities for products storage.

In previous years, the workshop produced injection and infusion drugs “Magnesium sulfate”, “Calcium chloride”, “Vilozen”, “Biosint”, “Timogen”, “Riboxin”, “Prostatilen”, “Gemodez”, “Glucose”, “Sodium chloride” , etc. On the day of our visit, it was filling the “Prostakor”.

“The drug is cost-effective, it is in demand, the volume of the batch is increased. It is used for the treatment of chronic prostatitis and complications after prostate surgery. The plant technical capacity allows to produce up to 190 thousand packages of the drug in the month,” says Zhanna Albertovna. “In 2011, the production of ‘Khondrolon®’ that is used for the treatment of degenerative diseases of joints and spine was transferred to the workshop. This drug is a finalist of the contest “100 best goods of Russia”, it was awarded the diploma and the medal “Awardee of All-Russian Exhibition Center”.

“The research to establish its liquid form – the drug ‘Khondrolon-pro’ – was conducted on the basis of workshops. The amino acid L-proline was introduced as the stabilizer. It promotes the production of collagen for the formation of healthy connective tissue of various organs and systems. Due to the synergy of sodium chondroitin sulfate and the amino acid L-proline, the chondroprotective effect is greatly enhanced”, explains Zhanna Albertovna.

The specialists of the plant obtained the highly demanded in the national health care new symptom-modifying drug with delayed action and a high degree of purification from the allergenic protein, lipids of biological origin, endotoxins. “Khondrolon-pro” inhibits the activity of enzymes that cause the degradation of articular cartilage, increases metabolism, has the anti-inflammatory effect, improves the production of joint fluid. As the staff in the workshop assured us, on successful completion of clinical trials and registration of new medicine it will be possible to fill 10-12 thousand medication packages per day.

Currently, there are 13 regulations in force, the paperwork on the preparation “Nicergoline” is produced. Its employees think that in the long term it is possible to launch the production of the new engineering research of the scientists from Ufa branch of “Microgen”, including the unique preparations “Mielolizat®” and “Renakor®” that are made of endocrine products. Experimental studies of “Mielolizat®” yielded positive results in injuries of the spinal cord in the early posttraumatic period and in degenerative diseases. “Renakor®” is intended for the treatment of nephrotoxic renal lesions.

Guzel Yusupova, Republic of Bashkortostan

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