Pharmcontract will supply the Spiroflow equipment

| By | Pharmcontract, Spiroflow, Technological Equipment

In July of 2016 the “Pharmcontract” GC began cooperating with Spiroflow company, specializing in development of engineering solution and production of technological equipment for powder product handling.

The “Pharmcontract” GC will supply to the Russian market conveyer systems, weighing system, transportation systems, systems for filling and controlled emptying of Bulk Bags, robotized equipment and complex solutions for handling and transportation of bulk solid materials, secondary package of materials, all-factory integration, etc.

Spiroflow conveying and weighing systems are in operation worldwide and are acclaimed for their outstanding versatility and prolonged working life in the most demanding environments.

The leading design principles behind all Spiroflow equipment are dust-free handling. Spiroflow conveying and weighing systems are designed with a minimum of working parts for maximum reliability in operation. Simple to operate and easy to clean and maintain, their robust construction ensures a long working life with minimum downtime.

The Spiroflow equipment dedicated for using in different industries including food, chemical, textile, clothing and footwear industry.

The Spiroflow company was founded in 1970 and initially specializes in supplying of flexible screw conveyors. Today the Spiroflow is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of a full range of equipment for handling dry bulk solids and ingredients in powder, granule, pellet and flake form, across the whole spectrum of process industries.

The range of Spiroflow equipment includes not only the latest automatic conveyor systems, but also fully compatible weighing equipment for a wide variety of applications, from batch processing of ingredients, to the filling and controlled emptying of Bulk Bags (FIBCs) or sacks.