Beginning of collaboration between ALFA LAVAL and “Pharmcontract” GC

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In July 2016 the “Pharmcontract” GC reaches agreement with the ALFA LAVAL about beginning of collaboration. The “Pharmcontract” GC will be approved distributor of ALFA LAVAL equipment to the Russian market. The ALFA LAVAL concern expects that companies jointed efforts will help ALFA LAVAL solutions for biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry to become common use in Russian Federation.

The ALFA LAVAL equipment and technology are dedicated to efficiency improvement of production processes. The ALFA LAVAL provides product and solutions for heat transfer, separation and transportation for companies specializing in production of food, beverages, starch, sugar, ethanol, pharmaceutical drugs, chemicals, oil products, etc. The ALFA LAVAL products also are using in marine application, power engineering, manufacturing engineering, mining production and water-treating facilities. Furthermore the company manufactures equipment for cooling plants and air conditioning.

The ALFA LAVAL International Industrial Concern (Sweden) was founded in 1883 by Gustaf de Laval, who develops of a centrifugal separator for milk. Today the ALFA LAVAL is one of the global supplier of equipment for using in different industries required solutions for heat transfer, separation and fluid handling. The ALFA LAVAL includes 110 business divisions and representations in 95 countries. 40 production plants, dozens of auxiliary production facilities and 20 research and development centers are providing company’s production and scientific potential. More than 130 years the ALFA LAVAL trade mark serves as an example of high technology, efficient and reliable equipment, outstanding service and design and construction work quality.